Be A Better Hitter on baseball game

To most players, hitting a baseball has never been an easy task. Therefore, effective training and development is key if want to become a good baseball hitter. To become a great hitter, you have to first understand various mechanical habits and how they are applied.

You also need to learn various things and a good quality bat like – Louisville Slugger BBCOR bat that won’t help you so that you can avoid them. Below is a guide on how to become a better baseball hitter:

Be A Better Hitter on baseball game

  1. Minimize head movement

Too much head movement is not good for a hitter. This is a common mistake that majority of players make. It doesn’t mean that you should totally avoid moving your head. The point is that you should minimize it since it interferes with your perception.

This is because head movement results to eye movement. Eye movement results to inaccurate information about the path of the ball. This movement is also transferred to your nervous system.

  1. Maintain right feet position.

You should always keep in mind that your feet are the foundation of your balance whenever you are taking a swing.

A good balance is critical since it helps you accurately track the ball. Take a comfortable stance and stand around a bat plus arm’s length from the opposite side of the plate.

You should stand in the box and see whether you can touch the opposite of the plate. If this is possible, you are in the right position. Simply ensure your position gives you a complete coverage of the plate.

  1. Master Separation

This is the key skill that you should understand if you want to be a great baseball hitter. You should be able to effectively establish the distance between where you hold your hands and your center of gravity.

This is very important since separation results to speed. A good separation enables your hips to pull your hands through the zone. Practice this skill until you can execute it with a lot of ease.

  1. Ensure good hands movement

You should avoid extending your arms as you move your hands towards the ball. You should also avoid pushing your hands forward.

When you keep your hands back during the beginning of your swing, you are able you to generate sufficient energy with your core and legs. This is a skill that many players don’t concentrate on You should always focus on hitting through the baseball.

This simply means that you should maintain a high bat speed before you hit the ball.

  1. Maintain the right bat path

You should always keep in mind that an effective swing means. An effective swing is simply the reverse of cutting the ball in half.

There is a common advice that you should stay on top of the ball and chop it down. This advice is not correct since it negatively affects your swing. Ensure the head of the bat remains on the plane of the pitch as long as possible.

Conclusion. As you can see from the above explanations, being a great hitter in baseball takes a lot of time and effort. It’s not just a skill that you can develop overnight. Hitting becomes even harder as you grow older. It is thus important that you perfect it while younger.

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